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What is B-Sticky?

Perhaps one of Brian's favorite skills to craft is his beatboxing/looping/song crafting ability. Here you can see some of Brian's amazing songs performed live under his artist name- B-Sticky. He is always putting up new samples on, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube! Follow him on any of those as B-ST1CKY.  SO WHY B-STICKY? Its a nick name that has gone through as long a transformation as me. When I was improvising in college and broke my bike, I took it to one of my bike savvy classmates and realized he did not have any tools to fix it. I asked if I could at least try hammering the piece in place, but in place of a hammer all he had was a decorative log to which he offered by saying, "You can use one of those Sticks over there." I began trying to bang a bike crank into place with a strange decorative log which caused my other improvisers who were hanging out to look over confused, and inquire as to what I was doing- to which I replied, "Fixin' my bike with this here Stick!" In a group full of funny people with nicknames, that became mine because it really, Stick(s). So I was known to them as Stick- but it quickly became a nickname I was known for throughout my college. I also loved to make freestyle music/raps with friends, and one of the main friends I used to record tracks with would always call me B-Sticky in songs to match it into the rhythm, and as my freestyle persona so to speak. When I decided to delve into the world of Beatbox/Looping, instead of creating some name that didn't have deep meaning to me, I went with one people already knew as, and one that really "Stuck". Once I started getting into Ninja Warrior, the name just gained a double meaning and it seemed serendipitous!

B-Sticky Show Remixes

B-Sticky's rise to fame on is slowly but surely manifesting through several awesome improvised sets, a fantastic and loving fan base, and lots and lots of laughs :)

B-Sticky at The Apollo!

 B-Sticky's first ever live performance at the Apollo Theater, on January 24th. Here he performs a few tracks off of Firewood and really gets the crowd going.

1st track of off the album Firewood. All about getting after what is yours in the world! GO GET IT

The second song on B-Sticky's Firewood takes you into the underground rave scene...with a very EDM-esque song. This will take you Sky High!...underground.

This third song on Firewood- Floatin'- is all about finding harmony as a country, and as a people. I hope you find the lyrics meaningful in this mellow Reggae song!

Excuse the unflattering start image of track number four, titled Scattin' #7. In this one a lot of fun is had with harmonies and just straight up scattin'.

1-9, which is song number five on Firewood, makes the transition into some of the wackier songs on B-Sticky's album. This song specifically mirrors a human's mortality, to a cat's.

Scooby-Doo Didgeridoo, need I say anything else?

B-Sticky's seventh song, Mystic Sands is a very catchy take on a combination of some Middle-Eastern instruments. There is nothing more lovely and mystical sounding then some bongos, harmonizing trumpets, and a couple sitars all in unison.

Number eight on Firewood, Stranger Things Have Happened is one of B-Sticky's absolute favorite jams on this album. A respectful homage to the Stranger Things TV Show/ theme song, the lyrics are very much plot driven! WARNING 1st SEASON SPOILERS!

B-Sticky's ninth song, Be Sticky, is all about giving you a little background on how B-Sticky came to be, and what it means to be sticky.

Clocking in at number ten for Firewood is B-Sticky's absolute favorite on the album, though it was absolutely the most challenging to make. Though its a lighthearted melody, the lyrics take things to a dark place! Enjoy:)

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