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Brian's Acting Reel

A series of clips from Brian's past projects in the last two years. See a glimpse of the vast array of characters Brian can jump into at a moment's notice. Some of the included material are the comedic shorts "Making It", "Beyond Normal", and "I'm Back Bitches!". There were also the two student films "Mock the Survivalist", and "Player's Sports", along with a small clip from a Buzz Feed clip Brian was featured in.

200 Character Impressions!

The only way Brian could get across just how vast his character voice range is, was to completely burn himself out on them! 200 of his favorite characters all mashed together in one take as quick as he could muster!

100 Character Impressions     done in under 4 minutes!

People want things snappy and quick these days, so just to show that the alternative is possible, Brian whipped up a 100 all new character impression video which wraps up just at the 4 minute mark! WOW!!

Brian Behind the Camera

Take a look at a sketch show trailer Brian and his Pals conceived! Brian Directed, Edited, and Produced this teaser-all while starring in it! Brian loved the fun experience of making movie magic from the other side of things and plans to do it again!

Comedic Monologue

Lets cut right to the chase and give you what you want to see! This is Brian performing a comedic monologue taken from Albuquerque, as comedic as it gets. This monologue is one of Brian's go to's in an audition!

Dramatic Monologue

Taken from the film Angus, this speech to take down the jock was always one of his favorite parts in any movie. As a weirdo through most of the high school years, Brian felt where Angus was coming from with this. 

Improv Demo

Highlights from a recent run of Brian's with his Improv Troupe Part Dog at Laugh Out Loud Theater. Though this was a particularly fun show, there are all sorts of highlight moments worth catching at every show of theirs!

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